Isaac Views Stage 6 & 7
Residential Subdivision

This project comprises the sixth and seventh stage of BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) Isaac Views residential subdivision. The project is located in Moranbah and comprises 109 Lots. The project elements include clearing and grubbing, sediment and erosion control, sewer, stormwater, retaining walls, road works, footpaths, water and electrical and landscaping.

Date: 2012 – 2014
Principal: BMA


Whitsunday Shores Stages 2 and 5
Residential Subdivision

This project is a staged master plan of a 1200 lot residential and commercial subdivision. The project is located in Bowen.
The project elements included clearing and grubbing, bulk
earthworks, sediment and erosion control, environmental measures (as the site is adjacent to Edgecumbe Bay marine park), sewer, sewer pump stations, stormwater, road works, footpaths, dam construction, water and electrical and landscaping.

Date: 2005-2011
Principal: Aspen Group

Moranbah Airport Upgrade

This project comprises the upgrade the Moranbah Airport for BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) and Hutchinson Builders.

The project elements included bulk earthworks, road works and car parks, pedestrian walkways, stormwater culverts and drainage.

Date: 2011-2012
Principal: BMA

Whitsunday Regional Council -Roadwork Package
Flood Damaged Roads

This project comprised the remedial works on flood damaged roads in Bowen. The project elements included construction of asphalt and bitumen sealed roadways and kerbing, storm water drainage and erosion control, water reticulation and landscaping.

Date: 2012

Principal: Whitsunday Regional Council

Airlie Summit 
Residential Subdivision

This complex civil construction project is situated on Seaview Drive, at the summit of Airlie Beach. It comprises 28 lots including Bulk Earthworks, substantial link block and gabion wall construction, Roadworks, installation of sewer, water and electrical reticulation and installation of stormwater drainage


Date : 2015 -2016

Principal: Tableware Pty Ltd

Engineer: UDP